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Sonder is the realisation that each random passenger is living a life as complex as your own


Is Your

Mind Set?


Have you ever wondered why you hold your strongest beliefs? How your understanding of who you are has been created? Or have you ever questioned whether the way you perceive the world is really the right way?

On Wednesday, May 2nd TEDxSurreyUniversity will be hosting our first speaker salon of the semester, ‘Mind Set?’ We will be exploring the way that we chose to see our role in the world, how our perspective shapes the way we understand the events around us and whether or not our minds are already set.

Join us on May 2nd in the Green Room at Wates House for an evening of live TED talks, discussion, meeting new people and of course, snacks.

Let's Talk:

Mental Health


Mental health is our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. 

Monday May 14th TEDxSurreyUniversity is organising event based on mental health.

We will be exploring a wide range of issues from perfectionism to active listening, how we are more than our mental illnesses and how we can help those around us.
Let's Talk and abolish the stigma.  

‘What do you want to be when you’re older?’ It’s a question we heard when we were children and our responses followed a similar pattern, a doctor, an actor, a firefighter, an artist. But what about brave? Or happy? Wise, understanding?

Last year at TEDxSurreyUniversity we talked about going over the edge, the lessons and experiences that pushed us to the edge of who we thought we were,  this year we’re exploring what comes next, who we are after the life-changing event, the lessons we learn when we leave comfort, the self we become on the other side of the mountain.

Join us at the Ivy Arts Centre on Saturday 3rd March for our most ambitious TEDxSurreyUniversity yet as we explore and uncover who we should, could, will and want to Be____.

Who we are, is in a constant state of evolution.

By definition, to ‘Be’ is to exist or to occur, but who we will be is ours to define.

We have reached an epoch in which humanity is more developed than ever before. As we head towards a planet of 9 billion people, we need to make drastic changes.

We have reached an epoch in which humanity is more developed than ever before. As we head towards a planet of 9 billion people, we need to make drastic changes.

TEDxSurreyUniversity: Over The Edge aims to open a discussion about the future of humanity. We will challenge traditional ways of operating, explore the possibilities of technology and find new ways to communicate in order to find local solutions to global problems.


With a variety of speakers from all vocations and backgrounds, we aim to overcome problems of the future by learning from their experiences of conquering previous challenges.

University and Beyond

Salon: Limitless

In the UK we spend an average of fourteen years in compulsory education, seventeen if we go onto higher education, but do those years of exams, assignments, lessons and lectures really prepare us for the real world? Does University prepare us for the world beyond structured education or is it the things we do outside of education that really count? 


Calvin Jor: From University To Sushi

From The Sunday Times' 2016 University of the Year, TEDxSurreyUniveristy presents 'Limitless'. A showcase of stunning stories, inspiring talks and thoughtful discussions from our very own student talent. With three wonderful student speakers handpicked from our Speaker Auditions, the final event of the year promises to be a good one!


Alka Sathyan: Third Culture Kids

Andre John: Fail Fast, Fail Forward 

Sascha Brumm: How to become a superhero overnight 





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