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Ever wondered what it’s like to venture inside the mind of another human being? TEDxSurreyUniversity is once again hosting a large event, featuring 10 inspiring speakers who will share their captivating stories and ideas in order for you to gain a new perspective on life.


This year's theme is Sonder, or the sudden realization that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. So, immerse yourself in our speakers lives as they provide insights into starting a nomad café for Pugs, the similarities between magic and literature, reducing human trafficking, and the power of dressing well.


Lunch will be available, and goodie bags given out, as well as fun activities for you to explore throughout the day. Perhaps after the talks are finished, you may even feel a little sonder...


Photo 15-07-2019, 13 53 49.jpg
Photo 15-07-2019, 13 53 37.jpg
Photo 15-07-2019, 13 54 19.jpg
Photo 15-07-2019, 13 55 42.jpg
Photo 15-07-2019, 13 55 52.jpg
Photo 15-07-2019, 13 54 00.jpg
Photo 15-07-2019, 13 54 31.jpg
Photo 15-07-2019, 13 56 03_edited.jpg
Photo 15-07-2019, 13 53 23.jpg

TEDxSurreyUniversity team 2018/19

President & Speaker Team Leader, Bethany McAtee

Vice President, Abdulla Fuad

Treasurer, Asini Liyanage

Operations Manager, Elisa Ferri

Social Media Secretary, Bea Lugi

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