‘What do you want to be when you’re older?’ It’s a question we heard when we were children and our responses followed a similar pattern, a doctor, an actor, a firefighter, an artist. But what about brave? Or happy? Wise, understanding?

Last year at TEDxSurreyUniversity we talked about going over the edge, the lessons and experiences that pushed us to the edge of who we thought we were,  this year we’re exploring what comes next, who we are after the life-changing event, the lessons we learn when we leave comfort, the self we become on the other side of the mountain.

Join us at the Ivy Arts Centre on Saturday 3rd March for our most ambitious TEDxSurreyUniversity yet as we explore and uncover who we should, could, will and want to Be____.

Who we are, is in a constant state of evolution.

By definition, to ‘Be’ is to exist or to occur, but who we will be is ours to define.

Lucy Vincent is a freelance journalist, activist and the founder of Food Behind Bars a  campaign for better food in Britain's Prisons. She will be sharing her research on the link between nutrition and behaviour in British prisons; raising awareness of the difference we can make through better nutrition and education.

Lucy Vincent

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Hannah Ajala

Hannah Ajala is a journalist, mentor and documentarian. Hannah will be joining us on March 3rd to share her radical idea of  positive delusion. Bringing her stories together in an inspirational talk on how we can change our mindsets.

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Ben Chai is a property specialist, author and business mogul with 30 years under his belt. Ben is committed to positively impacting people to reach their maximum potential and will be joining us on the TEDx stage with a talk on how to network, build meaningful relationships and be magnetic.

Ben Chai

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Hashini Thirimanne is a final year PhD student at The Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey. Having done her undergraduate studies in Chemistry back in Sri Lanka, she stumbled into researching nanomaterials. She will be joining us on March 3rd to talk about about the uses of nanotechnology in healthcare and introducing a new generation of X-Rays.

Hashini Thirimanne

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Bethany Dawson

Bethany Dawson is a first-year Politics and Sociology student who has for the last six years,  lived alongside the mental, physical, and social effects of having a chronic invisible illness. She will be taking the TED stage to raise awareness and share her experiences of living with an invisible illness.

Mikey Frome

Mikey Frome is a professional dancer and the UK Prevention & Awareness Coordinator for the A21 Campaign, a non-profit campaigning to completely eradicate slavery and human trafficking in the 21st century. He will be talking about slavery, human trafficking and the urgent work that still needs to be done. His talk will share how we can bring about change through awareness, intervention and aftercare.

Nigel Oseland


Nigel Oseland is a workplace strategist, environmental psychologist, and behavioral researcher. Nigel believes the key to an organization’s success is creativity and innovation and will be sharing how we can build workspaces optimized for different backgrounds, skill sets, personality types, generations, and cultures

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Hira Arab


Hira Arab is a second-year biochemistry student, spoken word artist and president of the USSU International Women's Society. She will be joining us on March 3rd to perform two spoken word pieces about identity, spirituality and femininity.

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Lauren Windle

Journalist and recovering addict Lauren Windle found freedom from addiction using the in-depth introspection of a 12-step programme. She now helps others do the same. But Lauren believes it’s not just those who have hit rock bottom who need self-reflection and shares the lessons everyone could learn from recovering addicts. 

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