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Announcing: Over The Edge Speakers!

The secret's out, this years main event theme is 'Over The Edge' and now it's time to announce our 10 wonderful speakers, are you ready to go over the edge?

Shaun Attwood

True-crime author and public speaker

Shaun Attwood is a Guildford-based true-crime author and public speaker, who is banned from America for life. National Geographic Channel featured his story of incarceration in Arizona worldwide as an episode of Banged-Up Abroad. Shaun does over 100 talks a year about the consequences of drugs and crime while also campaigning for human rights. “Shaun's story is the Manchester rave scene meets The Wolf of Wall Street and ends in The Shawshank Redemption” - Jon Ronson author of The Psychopath Test.

Rowan James Curtis

Physics Student at the University of Surrey

Rowan spends his nine-to-fives trying not to blow himself up in a particle accelerator (Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire). When he's not doing physics, he likes to read, write stories (set in weird places like coral reefs) and do all things musical. His musical endeavours include gigging and recording in multiple rock bands, playing various instruments (some normal, some very strange) and singing for the University of Surrey Big Band. He grew up in Southampton and is a lifelong supporter of Saints FC.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Fitness and Lifestyle Expert

Ex British Army Lucy Wyndham-Read is a Fitness and Lifestyle Expert, Internationally Published Author, and YouTube Creator with a genuine and infectious passion for teaching everyone how to be fit and jump out of one's comfort zone.

Kevin Patrick


Kevin Patrick is a 23 year award winning entrepreneur who was Barclays Youngest Entrepreneur aged 14. Having set up a company whilst at school through the Young Enterprise project, Kevin sold his company last year which was supplying major brands such as Samsung, Microsoft and Mercedes. Kevin also co founded the sports brand Legacy Sportswear which has been wore by many of the Olympic GB team including Audley Harrison MBE and Karina Bryant.

Lee-Stuart Evans
Ultra Athlete

Known for his ultra long distance running, diving and flying adventures.

Lee-Stuart starting running in 2010 to lose weight. By 2012 he had raised over £4000 for charity running the entire 108 miles of the Greensand Way National Trail unsupported over 4 days. In 2015 Lee-Stuart completed the Centurion Autumn 100 mile run in a time of 27 hours. Lee-Stuart obtained a National Private Pilots license in 2007 qualifying in a record minimum of 45 hours (the average is 70 hours).

Justice Williams MBE

Social Entrepeneur

Justice Williams was the youngest black woman in Britain to get an MBE for her voluntary work in Birmingham where she is involved in social enterprise businesses. Justice, who was recognised as the 30th most powerful person in Birmingham in 2009, is the editor of Tru Life magazine and managing director of the Inner City Creative Media Group.

Periklis Ikonomodis

Movement creator

Periklis is a Greek millennial who is incredibly passionate about helping people transform their lives. He works full-time on his job and part-time on his dream of changing the world. He has spoken at events such as

François-Xavier Désert

Astrophysicist at the University of Grenoble, France

François-Xavier Désert is a French Astronomer working at Université Grenoble Alpes, France. He studies the origin of the Universe and is part of the scientific team of the European Space Agency Planck satellite. He has always kept an eye on Darwin's piercing insight into the evolution of life and wondered about the links between the Universe and life on Earth. He enjoys spending time with his family, walking in the mountains and playing viola in a string quartet.

Eleni Kourou

Psychology student

Eleni Kourou is a Greek, first year psychology student at the University of Surrey. She has a great passion for the performing arts and is particularly interested in theatre and spoken word. Being a positive thinker herself, she firmly believes that the quality of one’s life depends on the quality of their thoughts and this is what she tries to promote in her everyday life.

Clive Stone

CEO of Oakleaf Charity

Since 1997, CEO Clive Stone has led and supported Oakleaf Enterprise, an independent mental health charity and social enterprise based in Guildford. Prior to Clive commencing his role at Oakleaf he had managed his mental health problems on his own, with the support of his wife for many years but like many, was reluctant to discuss these in the public forum. After discovering the excellent work of organisations like Oakleaf he grew determined to make a change

Are You ready to go over the edge?
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