New Angles

Growing up we all form our own opinions and ideologies depending on our surroundings, experiences and environments. We some times take for granted some parts of our lives and we don't even question why we do things a certain way. Sometimes we feel like we are all alone in this overpopulated world and other times we wish we heard something new and refreshing. Something that we hadn't though before or even something that challenges what we believe and what we think as right. It is well known however that only while challenging your own ideas, you can truly progress and evolve. That's exactly what our event will try to achieve. By exploring ideas and situations from new perspectives, our event will try to teach the audience to not just look life from one angle, but to always try to interpret and philosophize our experiences with balanced and new ways.

The event will take place in late March with current set date of March 20, 2021. However, this date is subject to change. Everyone that applies for a TED talk for this event will be notified for any changes!


To be announced very soon...

TEDxSurreyUniversity team 2020/21

President & Speaker Team Leader, Andreas Kaisaris

Vice President, Harisan Jegatheesan

Operations Manager, Nathaniel Nelson-Wlliams

Secretary, Theano Papakosta

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