TED is a global set of conferences created around the slogan "Ideas Worth Spreading". TEDx is a set of independent organisations which aim to offer a TED-like experience for their local community.

TEDxSurreyUniversity was established in 2013 at the University of Surrey with the aim of being a hub of innovation; a place to share incredible new ideas with an audience that had a thirst for knowledge.  Since then, we have successfully organised many events with world-class speakers and we are back this academic year to inspire more audiences and spread new ideas.



Andreas Kaisaris


Hello everyone, my name is Andreas Kaisaris, I am from Greece and I am a Master’s year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at the University of Surrey. Growing up I remember feeling extremely anxious every time I had to talk in front of an audience. I had stage fright without even being on a stage. Fortunately, one of my Teachers in high school persuaded me to join the drama society, something that helped me become a bit more comfortable with being on a stage. It wasn't until my second year in University though, that my love for public speaking really sky rocketed. After joining a global presentation competition, I fell in love with the idea of sharing your experiences, expertise, new ideas and knowledge with others. That’s exactly what motivated me to become part of the TEDxSurreyUniversity committee. I believe that everyone has their own story to tell, and TED is the perfect platform for that. This is why, as a President, I will do my best to bring motivation and inspiration to the society and make sure this year offers a remarkable experience to each one of us.



Harisan Jegatheesan

Vice President.

Hey, my name is Harisan Jegatheesan, I am a Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at the University of Surrey and Vice President for TEDx Surrey University 2019-20.  I have always been interested in TED videos that educated me, motivated me, or gave me a new perspective on things. I hope our year in TED can encourage speakers from a diverse range of background to present big ideas and engage students.


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Saraya Brown


Hi, my name is Saraya. I am a second year accounting and finance student, so the role of Treasure is ideal for my interests and skill set. I joined Ted because I think it’s a great society that allows people to share their knowledge about topics they’re passionate about and educate others at the same time. I hope this year we can continue to support and encourage the sharing of ideas from a diverse range of speakers. I am looking forward to bringing the event to life alongside my team members.


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Nathaniel Nelson-Williams

Operational Manager

Hey there, I'm Nat and I'm a fourth year Business Management with Marketing student. I completed my placement year at Warner Bros. and I've run a variety of events throughout my time at University. I wanted to join TEDxSurrey to be a part of and work for a community committed to sharing experiences and spreading ideas. From an operational view, I'm excited to facilitate talks in innovative ways; and more personally, I'm a fan of TED Talks on entertainment, environment, neuroscience and technology in particular. TEDxSurrey will continue to spark conversation, make discussion as accessible as possible, and I'm looking forward to doing so throughout this year.


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Hannah-Elise Mark Cofie

Marketing Officer

Hey! I'm Hannah-Elise Mark Cofie your Promotional officer for TEDx 2020/2021 and a Second Year Business Management student. I decided to join after attending several TEDx sessions in my First Year of University. I began to see the importance of being part of the society. TEDx serves as a great opportunity to meet new people, and understand different peoples ideas and views. Can’t wait to meet everyone!


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Theano Papakosta

Social Secretary and Communications Officer

Hi, my name is Theano and I am a final year MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering student. I am great working in teams, well organized, friendly and responsible person. Spending a year in placement, I have enhanced my communication, interpersonal as well as problem-solving skills. Being a student in Surrey, I have been part of different societies and I am very excited to be a part of the TEDx Surrey University team for this year!



David Majekondunmi

Welfare Champion

Hello, my name is David Majekodunmi, I am the Welfare Champion and I study economics. Over the past few years, I have repeatedly watched TED talks on YouTube and it has been very intriguing. So finding out that Surrey has a society that emulate this exact experience it was really great news to me and I wanted to be a part of it.



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