TED is a global set of conferences created around the slogan "Ideas Worth Spreading". TEDx is a set of independent organisations which aim to offer a TED-like experience for their local community.

TEDxSurreyUniversity was established in 2013 at the University of Surrey with the aim of being a hub of innovation; a place to share incredible new ideas with an audience that had a thirst for knowledge.  Since then, we have successfully organised many events with world-class speakers and we are back this academic year to inspire more audiences and spread new ideas.


Salwa Cheh Halid


. Hi!مرحبا!Здравей!

 My name is Salwa Cheh-Halid. I am a second year Entrepreneurship student at Surrey University. Yoga, books and adventures are things that I am endlessly

passionate about. Coming from a Bulgarian-Syrian background, I was raised in different cultures which has turned me into a very inquisitive person. I am a firm believer that everyone has an idea and experience worth sharing, and through platforms such as  Tedx, we can encourage the spread of infinite knowledge. My experience at TEDx Surrey University has encouraged me to be confident with who I am and to respect diverse opinions. This is why as a President I will do my best to bring motivation and inspiration to the society. I hope that this year would leave a remarkable experience for each one of us.


Carlos Lahoz Cuadrado

Vice President.

Hi, my name is Carlos Lahoz Cuadrado and I am a second year Electronic Engineering student at the University of Surrey. Although  time has been in my way lately, reading has always been an inexplicable source of happiness for me as everything you need you can find between the pages of a book: mystery, tension, stress or on the contrary joy and a way to escape the real world. This way of thinking has translated into knowledge and a way of thinking outside the box and relating ideas in a very unexpected way, which with the help of TEDx Surrey and its wonderful members I was able to share. This society is a space for sharing, listening and most lf all learning from each and everyone of us. We all have a different background and thus opinions are sure to be different which is why, as VP of Surrey TEDx I believe my duty is to make everyone feel like this society is their home. I look forward to a great year hopefully full of surprises.


Samuel Awonuga


Hey, my name is Samuel Awonuga, I am a second year Computer Engineering student at the University of Surrey and Treasurer for TEDx SurreyUniversity 2019-20. I hope our year in TED can encourage speakers from a diverse range of background to present big ideas and engage students. 


Sára Betinová

Communications and Marketing Officer.

Hi, my name is Sára Betinová and I am a second year International Event Management student at the University of Surrey. I have always been interested in TED videos that educated me, motivated me, or gave me a new perspective on things.  They showed me how people from diverse backgrounds can come together and share and listen to different thoughts and ideas with no judgement. Since I view events as a way to bring people together, I am very excited to be a part of the TEDx SurreyUniversity team for this year!

Chonthicha Niltrakarnkun (Sea)

Operational Manager

Hi my name is Sea, I am a MSc Digital Marketing and Channel Management from Thailand. I had years of previous working experience in Start-up, Venture Capital, Accelerator and B2B Tech Company in role of Recruiter, Marketing Communications and partnership and Event management. 

Being a part of TEDxSurrey team is what I long for and I wish to utilize my knowledge and experience to contribute to TEDx event and make great impact to this community.

My favorite TED Talks category is Neuroscience and Psychology related. 



Do you want to join TEDxSurrey? Got big ideas? Good at marketing? Love a challenge? Want something awesome on your CV?



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